About Us

ArtSoup is the first ever sustainable NFT Art Collaboration Project on blockchain technology developed by KSVArt, formerly known as Kutuda Sanat Var. It is designed for artists to create their chances of collaborating with artists from all over the world, achieve unexpected results, create art that has not been tried before and broaden their spectrum as much as they create. ArtSoup is a tool for artists to challenge themselves, test their abilities, meet other artists and eventually get into the world of NFTs with an amazing project.

KSVArt, the founder company of ArtSoup, is an art startup that has been operating since January 2017 in Turkey with the objective of providing the opportunity to get involved with the art for everyone. KSVArt first started their operations by creating subscription art boxes, which were essentially workshops in a box delivered to your door, in order for everyone to experience new techniques, materials and experiences. Since 2019, the company has also rolled up their sleeves to make art more accessible by all, by providing art prints of established Turkish artists for affordable prices in order to lower the age of acquiring art and experiencing art in our living spaces.

Now with ArtSoup, KSVArt is not only rendering art more accessible, it is allowing a space for artists to access artists and art communities from all over the world to create together and reach a broader audience to share their art.